FeedView® in Action

How FeedView® Helps Growers

Nathan Grube and Scott Hudson discuss how FeedView helps growers in an interview with Farm Journal. Learn about the software and sensor and how the system can be scaled to any operation. They will discuss how different rations are managed and FeedView’s benefits to both the farm and the feed mill. System costs and ROI on how FeedView can save you money.

Feed Inventory Management with FeedView®

Imagine never having another emergency feed delivery, not worrying about climbing feed bins or ordering too much feed. Farm Journal met with BinMaster’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Hudson at Iowa Pork Congress to hear how FeedView simplifies the job of monitoring bin feed levels.

The ROI of an automated feed inventory system

FeedView is a comprehensive feed management solution for swine and poultry that combines wireless, battery-powered laser level sensors with a cloud-based, simple-to-use software application. Take a look at how automating feed inventory management improves ordering accuracy and eliminates the dangerous practice of climbing bins. The end result saves time, saves money, and saves lives!