Feedview® application

Feedview® at a glance

Managing FeedView starts with identifying farms, barns, feed groups, and feed rations.

  • Detailed information about the feed, recording medications for VFD, and the feed group are entered in the system for tracking.
  • User roles can be set for secure control over the system with each user having the option to customize their view.
  • Feed delivery companies or corporate headquarters can be given access to data, ensuring all parts of the operation have easy access to current data. 

Monitor Single or tandem bins

FeedView® is easily adaptable for monitoring a single feed bin tied to a barn, or two silos feed a barn in tandem. This feature provides the option of automatically combining feed volume  for operations that alternate between two bins.

Designed with the grower in mind

Feed Groups

Livestock are grouped based on the feed bins from which they are feeding. Feed Groups can be tracked throughout their processing cycle. Users can update a Feed Group's status to account for headcount changes. Using the Feed Group's status and average daily feed intake (ADFI), the Feed Group's consumption rate is calculated and used to project the bin's feed levels.

Bin Details Screen

Bin Details

Drill down with a single click to get details on each bin in FeedView. A dynamic visual shows the percentage the bin is filled, its current alert status, the predicted number of days until the bin will run out of feed, and an outlook for how much feed will be present in the bin each day. The ration, medication, and currently assigned Feed Group’s consumption rate in tons/day are also given.

Ration Management Screen

Rations Management

Users can create new rations, assign them to specific feed bins, and track whether that ration was medicated (including VFD numbers and expiration dates). The rations dashboard shows the bins where rations are currently assigned. Historical records allow review of when specific rations were used, which bins they were assigned to, and what medications were used.

Level chart with ADFI overlay

Charts and Reports

FeedView charts including a visual showing sensor level readings converted to tons overlays the ADFI slope indicating consumption and filling. Additional charts and table reports can easily be created for the current status or a specified historical reporting period. Quick reports can be generated based on a variety of criteria including farm, rations, alert status, bins, reading type, and more!

Simplifying sensoring

FeedView® is a feature of BinCloudTM, BinMaster's innovative web-based software-as-a-service - designed to simplify inventory management.

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