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“With FeedView® , I can reorder feed with confidence. We’ve eliminated most delivery emergencies and overfills, all without climbing feed bins… thanks to the wireless level sensors”

Byron Belina, Pillen Family Farms

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Inventory Management Transformed

FeedView® is a comprehensive feed management solution that combines wireless, battery-powered level sensors with a cloud-based, simple-to-use software. Automatically measure bin levels, project consumption, record the use of medicated feeds, and know when to schedule deliveries.. anytime, anywhere with FeedView® .

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Sensors for everything

Installation is easy, maintenance is easier.

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Custom Online Application

FeedView®, a feature of BinCloud®, was developed by BinMaster specifically for hog and poultry operations. Working with farms, we listened to what growers needed to make monitoring and reporting feed storage, consumption, and delivery easier and more efficient. The result is an affordable, completely scalable solution perfect for poultry hatcheries, broiler operations, or the full hog life cycle – nursery to finishing.

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Powerful, Scalable, Profitable

Improve coordination with farms and schedule production of the rations in need. Set automated alerts to be notified the last bin supplying feed to a barn is approaching empty to reduce emergencies.

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BinCloud inventory management software on iPad
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FeedView® ROI

No climbing bins, no running out of feed, no emergency deliveries, no overfills, reduced paperwork, and less feed at closeout. What’s all this do for you? It saves you money and raises profits.

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